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My Mini Zalora Haul

You know what happens when you leisurely window-shopped online and then you receive your payment thru Paypal? Yes, disaster. A budget disaster indeed. Good thing though, I only spent less then a thousand bucks this time around since I am "saving" for some serious Christmas shopping in a week's time or else... (^-^)

So here's what I got from Zalora thruShopback. Yes, you should use and abuse (if possible) the cash back that you can get from shopping online.

November Empties

I can hardly believe that November's halfway done! How was your month so far? Well, this post's quite late but I still want to share with you the products that I've used and abused this past month. Oh, this is is my first empties post, by the way so pardon the mess. ^-^

Nutri10 Plus Multivitamins for My Little Carl

My little Carl, who's turning five in six weeks has always been the hurricane of my life. He is always full of energy and never seems to run out of things to do to keep him entertained. And even if I make sure that he eats delicious, healthy and nutritious food, I know that these are not always enough. Thus, I have him drink multivitamins and a separate Vitamin C syrup. Quite not practical right? But I wouldn't settle for anything less when it comes to my kiddo. I know you do too.

Just last week, Wert Philippines was  generous enough to send me several bottles of  Nutri10 Multivitamins syrup. The delivery was very timely because I was already on my way to do my groceries (and get a replenishment of Carl's vitamins too!)

Earn While Shopping with ShopBack PH

I am pretty sure you've heard of Shopback, right? Well, if you still haven't let me give you a brief introduction to the newest shopping craze in town. 

ShopBack Philippines gives you cashback rewards for your online shopping!
 Who wants to pay a premium for advertising when you can save more? ShopBack doesn't, and we don't want you to either. When you shop through us, we get commission from your favourite shops and split this commission with you as cashback. This means that online shopping is made cheaper with ShopBack Philippines. We bring you the latest discount code, discount voucher, and discount coupon for all your online shopping promos. Whether you're looking to get more clothes, more beauty products, more electronics or more gifts, online shopping with ShopBack Philippines is the way to go. What are you waiting for? Start shopping with ShopBack today.

Shopback has partnered with over 500 merchants - Zalora, Lazada, Ensogo, AliExpress, Expedia, Lu…

St. Martin Project for the Poor

Yes. Only 44 days left before Christmas! Aren't you excited? Well, being the young-at-heart that I am, this made me much giddy! ^-^ Pasko na! Christmas has always been the perfect season for giving and sharing. With all the incentives and bonuses that employees receive, there's always that extra buck that we can spare for gifts. I see to it that I prepare something for my siblings, my parents, hubby and my aunts and uncles. I am pretty much sure that you do too. Others are even more generous. I have always dreamt of giving more to the people in need. I just don't have enough resources to do so. This year though, our boss (Ms. Courtney Bissett) asked if we can spare some cash for the children of St. Martin's Children's Village in Bulacan. Our team immediately agreed. To raise even more funds for the kids, she started a gofundme campaign which I would like to share with you.

Sunday Readings: One Shot (Jack Reacher #9)

Wotcha ladies! Happy Halloween! Lately, I've been into thriller novels and my husband recommended this to me. He's read more books than I have so I trust him and all his recos. He picked this book when we were in NBS a month ago but I have read it only last week. And since finishing this book, I've hunted four more and read them all. I have not seen the movie where Tom Cruise portrayed Jack Reacher prior to reading the book and I initially planned to watch it this week. However, after reading this, I think I have changed my mind about watching the movie adaptation. Find out why.