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A Bonne Spa White C Salt Review

Wotcha ladies? Who among you are body scrubs or salt users? Well, I am fond of body scrubs. Even salts. I remember back in my high school days when I would use Perla and salt as my body scrub since I cant afford to buy any commercialised scrubs back then. I would use rock salt and scrub vigorously until all the dead skin cells come off. Hi Ma, I am the culprit for all those jars of salt that you've lost years ago. sorry! Luv u =] But now it's different. I've been trying different body scrub products that are effective yet won't break my bank. This one only costs Php 56.00! Drum roll please for my new fave -

A Bonne  Spa White C Salt (Papaya and Lemon).

Marikina Converse Warehouse Sale 2015 (Part 3)

So hubby and I missed the first two Marikina Converse Warehouse Sale(March 14-22, 2015; May 30- June 7, 2015) but I found out through Inside Marikina's Facebook page that they will be having their 3rd sale soon! Yes, we are both huge Converse fanatics (this I got from my father who has more than seven pairs of Chucks). I plan to get a matching pair for hubby, me and our four year old son. Gotta render overtime ASAP! (^-^) When? September 26 to October 4, 2015. Store hours as always will be 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Where? Gen. BG Molina St., Parang, Marikina

If you're coming from Cubao, board a jeepney or FX with "Parang" or "NGI" sign. Just tell the driver to drop you off at the Converse warehouse.

See you there!

Dermax Pink 'n Pout Lip Plumper

Wotcha ladies! I am ashamed to admit this but honestly, I don't take that much care of my lips if compared to my skin or eyes. While I do have tons of lipstick tubes and lip gloss, currently, I only have four lip care products- three lip balms and one lip butter. And they're not even half-emptied! I think I only use them when I feel like it and it's already a miracle if I apply lip balm twice a day! (T_T) Anyway, here we have Dermax Pink n' Pout Lip Plumper. It promises to give you plumper lips in one month! Now this one is really not what I needed BUT who doesn't want an Angelina Jolie lips, right? What more if you can add a Brad Pitt on the side too! Haha.

From the SkinStation website:
Adds volume and improves the contour of the lips with lasting results through a combination of two multi-awarded and patent-pending innovations: A unique active clinically proven to literally “fatten” the lips in just one month. It works by increasing the number and volume of fat cells…

ActiveWhite Bleaching Soap (Skin Whitener with Glutathione)

Wotcha, ladies? How have you been? August has surprised me a bit but everything's sailing smooth so far. I do hope that you are doing great. Well, this would be another whitening soap review. I am pretty much into whitening soaps so you can bet on more of these in the coming days. (^-^) Anywoo, you might have seen this in some shelves while you're doing your grocery but have overlooked it or simply disregarded it (I am guilty of doing the latter a couple of time!) Without further adeu, say hello to ActiveWhite Bleaching Soap Skin Whitener with Glutathione. The name's quite long so I just call it bleaching soap. (^-^) The box says: A great soap for dark and discolored skin. Target problem spots and combat hyper-pigmentation with this special intense whitening soap that combines a bleaching formula with glutathione. Have smooth and fair skin that glows. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Caustic Soda, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Silicate, Castor Oil, Cocomide DEA, Fragrance, Alpha Hyoroxyl…