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Happy Father's Day!

I am the only daughter in the brood of four. Papa (that's how I call my father) and I weren't close when I was growing up but when I started working at the young age of 18, I moved back home to his house and that's when we've become close. (Back in high school I was living with my mom. Yep, they're separated)

Now that I have my own kid and husband, I don't get to see him that often (twice or thrice a month tops) but that doesn't mean I love him less for he still is and forever will be my first love, my first superhero and my first driver. (^-^)

Here are my little notes to the two most important men in my life- my Papa and my husband.

Dear Papa,
In 1989 you became a father... since then, you brought us to school everyday, you have sometimes cooked for us and you worked to keep food in the table all at the same time. You never complained of being tired nor of hunger whenever you'd give us the food that's supposed to be yours. 
I can never thank you enough …

Happy 70th Birthday John Fogerty! (My little Carl's There Too!)

This is a very random post. I am a big fan of rock and roll music and with that I mean the music from 1960's up to maybe early 90's. I love The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith to name a few.  Little did I imagine that I would also be addicted to swamp rock. How?

Three years ago, I was watching American Idol Season 11 (where Jessica Sanchez came up as the runner up). Contestant, Phillip Phillips sang the songs "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" and "Bad Moon Rising" with the man named, John Fogerty.

Since then I was hooked to his music. I followed his Facebook page, his Twitteraccount and lately, his Instagram too! (BTW, my dad's a fan of him as well and he loves singing his songs along with me and my four-year-old son, Carl). For those who aren't familiar with the man, he wrote and sang "Proud Mary"(I'm sure most of you know Tina Turner's version, yes?) and "Fortunate Son" (used in several films like Forest Gump and in the c…