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My Blossoming Green Tea Affair

my green tea for tonight

I love coffee. So much. Aside from the fact that I needed it to keep me awake while working the graveyard shift, my day won't ever be complete without a cup of coffee. Lately I don't get that much sleep then I noticed that I palpitate whenever I drink coffee. Be it an instant mix or from a café, I'd soon have a hard time breathing and concentrating.

I consulted a doctor one time and was advised to get more rest, drink some supplements and lessen my caffeine intake! Say what now?! (O_O) It was hard. But after two weeks, I am starting to live with  and love it. I do have another favourite now, though. Since I have to drink something hot when I'm working (I think it's just psychological now, really) I have resorted to green tea.

I first thought of purchasing Twinings but then it's not available in my suki'ng grocery so I bought Lipton instead. It is affordable as it only costs Php 80/ box of 10 teabags. I drink one cup every night and I immediately noticed that it has somehow curbed my cravings. Normally, I'd grab a snack at around 1.30am but now, my tummy can wait until my lunch break at around 4.30am.

Upon checking Google, I've found other health benefits of drinking green tea:

✔ Rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins
Improves brain function and concentration
✔ Helps lower the risks of cancer like breast cancer, prostate and colorectal cancer
Boosts your metabolic rate and increase burning of fats
Aids digestion
✔ Lowers the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease
✔ Improves dental health
✔ May reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases
Skin becomes brighter

**those in bold were the effects of green tea on me, based on my observation and others too**

Also, I don't discard my green tea bags immediately after one use because I still use them for my puffy eyes! Yes! Just squeeze the water out, let them cool or put them inside the fridge then put them over your eyes. Wait for 10 minutes and voila! No more puffy and dark circles on your eyes. (^-^)

If you haven't tried drinking green tea yet, it's high time that you consider it. Although I must say that it tastes a tad bitter at first but you'll get used to it, so no need to worry.

Any tea lovers out there?

Green Tea benefits from: Authority Nutrition


  1. My favorite tea ever! kahit sa food, mapa donut, green tea kahit frappe hehe. I love this kasi mura pero okay ang effects :)

    1. Wow. Super happy and flattered naman ako that you visited my humble site Miss Genzel! (^-^) Yes, I agree. Aside from the health benefits, masarap din naman pala ang green tea!

  2. i love this too! can be mixed with lemon din for soar throat naman :) plus super evident yung benefits for the skin :)

    1. Lemon or honey goes best with green tea =) Thanks for dropping by Miss Genzel! I'm a fan of yours! OMG. (*_*)

  3. I love tea! My absolute favorite is Jasmine, because it smells positively divine. (Dramatic, I know, but that's how good the aroma is.) Next is Earl Grey for the citrus aroma. Then there's green tea, when I just want something mild. Hope you get to try matcha powder mixed with cold water. Super refreshing!

    1. I'll try that matcha powder tea soon. Hubby gave me a box of Twinnings Green Tea and Mint and promised that he'll take care of my tea supplies from now on. Haha. I'll ask him to get me earl Grey next time and Jasmine too! Thanks for the tips (^-^)

  4. I love green tea! It tastes so mellow...I also drink black teas once in a while, T2 is a good brand. I have their loose leaf chai tea and I would usually add a tiny bit of milk to make my own chai latte :)

    1. I haven't tried adding milk to my tea. Hmm.. now I think that's a good idea! Thanks =)

  5. the wonders of green tea!!!! you can also use as skin moisturizer daw

    1. Really? Well I haven't tried it as a moisturizer, paano sya gamitin as one? Just the other day, I use green tea water as my bath soak and/or facial wash too!

  6. I love drinking tea but I am picky with the taste. Haven't tried this one. I usually drink tea in leaves. There are Twinings at Gourdo's store in Trinoma. :) I think I will try this soon! You gave me something to look forward to in my next endeavor at a grocery store. :)

    1. Haven't tried tea leaves but I will surely do one of these days. Thanks Miss Christine! (^-^)

  7. I thought tea had more caffeine than coffee, so I googled before making a fool of myself here :)) Apparently the caffeine stays with the leaves, and if you don't steep for too long, you'll have a manageable caffeine intake.

    1. (^-^) That's true Miss Tellie. That's why the instructions on the box says that the tea bag shouldn't be left for more than 3 minutes.

  8. I love coffee too and green tea is like something I can't describe at first. Ahhh...It taste like grass but once you've got used to it it will be okay na to drink twice aday. It has a lot of health benefits.

    What I do with bag is, I apply to my face. It ia good din daw don. So far so good naman.

    1. Haven't tried applying it on my face though. Pero yung green tea water, minsan I use it as my facial wash and pan-ligo rin!


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