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Burnt Face & HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil (Review)

In my constant search for a new moisturizer that I can use, I came across Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil. This one is very popular and a favorite among ladies. After some research, I decided to try it out. I had high hopes on the product since it claims 23 miracles, so how did it go, you ask?

My 52-Week Money Challenge EOY Report

In less than four weeks, we'll bid 2015 adieu and say hello to 2016. Time indeed flies so fast, it sometimes scare the bejesus out of me! (O_O) And with that, I'd like to share what happened to our 52-Week Money Challenge. This has been viral earlier this year hence hubby and I joined the bandwagon too! Here goes my End of Year (EOY) report.

My Mini Zalora Haul

You know what happens when you leisurely window-shopped online and then you receive your payment thru Paypal? Yes, disaster. A budget disaster indeed. Good thing though, I only spent less then a thousand bucks this time around since I am "saving" for some serious Christmas shopping in a week's time or else... (^-^)

So here's what I got from Zalora thruShopback. Yes, you should use and abuse (if possible) the cash back that you can get from shopping online.

November Empties

I can hardly believe that November's halfway done! How was your month so far? Well, this post's quite late but I still want to share with you the products that I've used and abused this past month. Oh, this is is my first empties post, by the way so pardon the mess. ^-^

Nutri10 Plus Multivitamins for My Little Carl

My little Carl, who's turning five in six weeks has always been the hurricane of my life. He is always full of energy and never seems to run out of things to do to keep him entertained. And even if I make sure that he eats delicious, healthy and nutritious food, I know that these are not always enough. Thus, I have him drink multivitamins and a separate Vitamin C syrup. Quite not practical right? But I wouldn't settle for anything less when it comes to my kiddo. I know you do too.

Just last week, Wert Philippines was  generous enough to send me several bottles of  Nutri10 Multivitamins syrup. The delivery was very timely because I was already on my way to do my groceries (and get a replenishment of Carl's vitamins too!)

Earn While Shopping with ShopBack PH

I am pretty sure you've heard of Shopback, right? Well, if you still haven't let me give you a brief introduction to the newest shopping craze in town. 

ShopBack Philippines gives you cashback rewards for your online shopping!
 Who wants to pay a premium for advertising when you can save more? ShopBack doesn't, and we don't want you to either. When you shop through us, we get commission from your favourite shops and split this commission with you as cashback. This means that online shopping is made cheaper with ShopBack Philippines. We bring you the latest discount code, discount voucher, and discount coupon for all your online shopping promos. Whether you're looking to get more clothes, more beauty products, more electronics or more gifts, online shopping with ShopBack Philippines is the way to go. What are you waiting for? Start shopping with ShopBack today.

Shopback has partnered with over 500 merchants - Zalora, Lazada, Ensogo, AliExpress, Expedia, Lu…

St. Martin Project for the Poor

Yes. Only 44 days left before Christmas! Aren't you excited? Well, being the young-at-heart that I am, this made me much giddy! ^-^ Pasko na! Christmas has always been the perfect season for giving and sharing. With all the incentives and bonuses that employees receive, there's always that extra buck that we can spare for gifts. I see to it that I prepare something for my siblings, my parents, hubby and my aunts and uncles. I am pretty much sure that you do too. Others are even more generous. I have always dreamt of giving more to the people in need. I just don't have enough resources to do so. This year though, our boss (Ms. Courtney Bissett) asked if we can spare some cash for the children of St. Martin's Children's Village in Bulacan. Our team immediately agreed. To raise even more funds for the kids, she started a gofundme campaign which I would like to share with you.

Sunday Readings: One Shot (Jack Reacher #9)

Wotcha ladies! Happy Halloween! Lately, I've been into thriller novels and my husband recommended this to me. He's read more books than I have so I trust him and all his recos. He picked this book when we were in NBS a month ago but I have read it only last week. And since finishing this book, I've hunted four more and read them all. I have not seen the movie where Tom Cruise portrayed Jack Reacher prior to reading the book and I initially planned to watch it this week. However, after reading this, I think I have changed my mind about watching the movie adaptation. Find out why. 

Do it All with the New Pantene Pro-V

Last week, I have received another loot from BDJ : Pantene Pro-V Core Active Formula Shampoo and Conditioner and Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner!

I've been a Pantene user way back in high school. This is the brand most hair stylist recommend especially when you had your hair chemically-treated. I should know since I had my hair dyed, permed and rebonded several times in the past. The only exception was when I had a keratin treatment, since I was required to use SLS-free shampoo and conditioner. Still, Pantene was and is a favorite of all time.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask Review

Our skin is more receptive to treatments while we are at rest. While peel-off face masks and face sheet masks helps, a sleeping mask is even better. Why? Because our skin still loses moisture at night. Thus the need for extra hydration while we sleep and thank heavens to those who invented sleeping masks!

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain Review

I'm anemic and look pale when I'm bare-faced. So whenever I go out, I try to look as healthy and pretty (lol) as possible. But the weather's been so hot (to think that it's already October!) and chances are, when I go out and put make up on, it'll fade in a couple of hours. Effort lang talaga ang magpa-pretty, gahd! That's when I started using lip and cheek tints. And now, I'll share with you one of my favourites-
The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain.

Maxi-Peel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier Review

Wotcha ladies! How are you all doing? Now this post is long overdue as I have tried the product two months back (thanks SampleRoom!). But I felt the need to share my experience when I used Maxi-Peel Skin Purifier.

Mestiza (The Healthy Skin Soap)

Wotcha ladies! Yes, this is another (affordable) whitening soap post. I am a big fan of Miss Kaycee of Kikaysikat and she recommended that I try this soap. Drum roll for Mestiza Soap!

Price: Php 53/ 120g Available in all supermarkets and drugstores

Current Bath Essentials

 Wotcha ladies! In less than three months, it's going to be Christmas but the weather still feel like it's summer! Gahd. Our antique AC can only do so much to relieve the heat hence I have resorted to taking a shower at least three times a day! With that being said, I'd like to share with you my current bath essentials. This should have been posted two weeks ago but then I got sick. So here goes...

Your Best Beautiful with Olay

Wotcha, ladies! I recently received a parcel from BDJ containing two Olay products- Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash and Olay Total Effects Day Cream. I immediately used the body wash being the fanatic that I am and instantly fell in love with it! The Day Cream however was a bit disappointing. Details below, ladies!

A Bonne Spa White C Salt Review

Wotcha ladies? Who among you are body scrubs or salt users? Well, I am fond of body scrubs. Even salts. I remember back in my high school days when I would use Perla and salt as my body scrub since I cant afford to buy any commercialised scrubs back then. I would use rock salt and scrub vigorously until all the dead skin cells come off. Hi Ma, I am the culprit for all those jars of salt that you've lost years ago. sorry! Luv u =] But now it's different. I've been trying different body scrub products that are effective yet won't break my bank. This one only costs Php 56.00! Drum roll please for my new fave -

A Bonne  Spa White C Salt (Papaya and Lemon).

Marikina Converse Warehouse Sale 2015 (Part 3)

So hubby and I missed the first two Marikina Converse Warehouse Sale(March 14-22, 2015; May 30- June 7, 2015) but I found out through Inside Marikina's Facebook page that they will be having their 3rd sale soon! Yes, we are both huge Converse fanatics (this I got from my father who has more than seven pairs of Chucks). I plan to get a matching pair for hubby, me and our four year old son. Gotta render overtime ASAP! (^-^) When? September 26 to October 4, 2015. Store hours as always will be 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Where? Gen. BG Molina St., Parang, Marikina

If you're coming from Cubao, board a jeepney or FX with "Parang" or "NGI" sign. Just tell the driver to drop you off at the Converse warehouse.

See you there!

Dermax Pink 'n Pout Lip Plumper

Wotcha ladies! I am ashamed to admit this but honestly, I don't take that much care of my lips if compared to my skin or eyes. While I do have tons of lipstick tubes and lip gloss, currently, I only have four lip care products- three lip balms and one lip butter. And they're not even half-emptied! I think I only use them when I feel like it and it's already a miracle if I apply lip balm twice a day! (T_T) Anyway, here we have Dermax Pink n' Pout Lip Plumper. It promises to give you plumper lips in one month! Now this one is really not what I needed BUT who doesn't want an Angelina Jolie lips, right? What more if you can add a Brad Pitt on the side too! Haha.

From the SkinStation website:
Adds volume and improves the contour of the lips with lasting results through a combination of two multi-awarded and patent-pending innovations: A unique active clinically proven to literally “fatten” the lips in just one month. It works by increasing the number and volume of fat cells…

ActiveWhite Bleaching Soap (Skin Whitener with Glutathione)

Wotcha, ladies? How have you been? August has surprised me a bit but everything's sailing smooth so far. I do hope that you are doing great. Well, this would be another whitening soap review. I am pretty much into whitening soaps so you can bet on more of these in the coming days. (^-^) Anywoo, you might have seen this in some shelves while you're doing your grocery but have overlooked it or simply disregarded it (I am guilty of doing the latter a couple of time!) Without further adeu, say hello to ActiveWhite Bleaching Soap Skin Whitener with Glutathione. The name's quite long so I just call it bleaching soap. (^-^) The box says: A great soap for dark and discolored skin. Target problem spots and combat hyper-pigmentation with this special intense whitening soap that combines a bleaching formula with glutathione. Have smooth and fair skin that glows. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Caustic Soda, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Silicate, Castor Oil, Cocomide DEA, Fragrance, Alpha Hyoroxyl…

SVR Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen

Wotcha gorgeous ladies! This review is long overdue since I have finished a bar of this soap last June but haven't found the time to write about it. Sorry. Anyway, you've seen this soap somewhere right? Yep. It's Sofia V. Relosa's Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen.

The name says it all. It has two powerful ingredients in skin whitening- Glutathione, Kojic and a bonus- Collagen! Even Miss Kaycee of Kikaysikat loves this soap. Also, if you check SVR FB page, you'll see tons of testimonials from their users. Well actually, Miss Kaycee's review on this soap is more than enough for me. LOL. So I ordered a bar of SVR soap from Zalora along with some kikay stuff. I used it immediately and it lasted me for almost three weeks (since I bath twice or thrice a day).   While it did make my skin softer and moisturised, I did not see any significant whitening effect on my skin. (T_T) Also, small whiteheads on my cheeks popped out several times while I was using it. YAY:

July Skin Care Essentials

Wotcha, gorgeous ladies! The weather as of late has been sooo unpredictable. It'd be sunny during the day and then would rain at night and this has made my skin dry like the Sahara desert! LOL.
Anyway, I'd love to share with you my current skin essentials. I normally change the products that I use every two months just so my skin won't be immune to them especially if they're affordable and effective. So here goes.
Beauche Kojic Soap - My brother sold me this soap since they were tasked by their professor to sell at least 5 bars (part of their entrepreneurship class which I doubt! Prolly that professor's a reseller. haha). I loved it's tangerine scent and that it does not sting! Been using this for almost two weeks now and my colleagues have noticed that I am slowly getting my lighter skin tone back.
Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam - Some reviews said that this tends to dry the skin but luckily for me, that didn't happen. I use this twice a day, four …

Renew Placenta Herbal Beauty Soap

Wotcha ladies! This one is long overdue and the product is not new in the market BUT I felt I needed to share with you this amazing whitening soap. This wouldn't cost you more than a hundred pesos which makes it all the more wonderful, right?

Introducing, the newly improved Renew Placenta Herbal Beauty Soap! This one's so common, you've probably seen them in the grocery store a hundred of times now. However there's another placenta soap being sold in the market so to avoid confusion, just look for the soap that has Pauleen Luna's face on it. 

Ingredients:  High-grade coconut oil, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium palmitate, Cocodiethanolamide & Placenta extract.

Would you believe that this 135g bar only costs PhP 85? There's a smaller bar that's sold at PhP 55, too! I was amazed when I saw the price tag so I got one for myself and my mom.

I cut the bar in half - not only to avoid it from melting but to save it from my youngest brother. Hilig din nya gamitin …

Secret Garden- Korean Drama Review

          November 2010- January 2011

Ha Ji Won - Gil Ra-Im
Hyun Bin- Kim Joo-won
Yoon Sang Hyun - Choi Woo Young / Oska
Kim Sa Rang - Yoon Seul
Lee Phillip - Director Im Jong Soo
Yoo In Na - Im Ah Young

Annyeonghaseyo! OMG. Did I just say that?! Haha. Well, this is the latest Korean drama that I have been watching for the past two three days and I am so loving it! I still am in the 9th episode but I plan to finish this within this week. Hyun Bin is just so gorgeous, OMG! (^-^)

Anyway, for those who aren't familiar with this Korean series, Secret Garden was released November 2010 and ran until January 2011. It stars Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won as Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im respectively. This Korean drama was also released in a local channel two years back I think and again, was replayed. If I'm not mistaken, this is still airing right now in GMA.
It's the story of a poor and humble stuntwoman, Gil Ra Im and an eccentric and arrogant company president, Kim Joo Won. He was sm…

Giveaway Loots

This post would be about the gifts I received from two bloggers/ blogs that I stalk almost everyday- Miss Gem of Rare Vanity and Product Arena by Celline Reyes. At the moment, I can't hold one yet but soon, I know I'd be able to sport my own giveaway here. (^-^)

Going back... I was lucky to be chosen as their Commenter of the Month (both for the month of May) and I must say that the prizes they sent me were all awesome! Some of the items here were already stashed away in my mom's and kapatid's drawer.

I am yet to take photos of the package sent to me by Miss Celline; however, the gifts from Miss Gem was delivered to me about a month ago and I already have used most of them. Like what I have mentioned above, I gave some to my brother and to my mom and they were both very happy!