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Tokyo Love Soap (Original Formula)

I have been using the Tokyo Love Soap Original Formula for almost four weeks now and I think, I can now make a review on this much talked-about (and very expensive) whitening soap.

As per Tokyo Love Soap's website it says that it can:
→ whiten your skin after just ONE wash
→ give you smoother and softer skin
→ even out skin discolourations
→ make the pores smaller
→ reduce fine hair (but it won't affect your eyebrows nor lashes)
→ help reduce wrinkles and fine lines
→ it is mild even for intimate use

I have used the soap for twice a day, twenty nine days (to be exact) and here are the effects that I have noticed:
→ Indeed, my skin was whiter after just ONE wash. Too bad, I forgot to take a before and after photo as I was too excited to use it immediately after I have received the package!

→ My skin is a bit whiter now compared to my colour before I started using it and yes, it's smoother and softer to touch as well.

→ Before, my face was discoloured - my cheeks are lighter compared to…