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The Buzz that is Tokyo Love Soap

Hello there ladies (and gents as well).. I was born with a not so fair but not so morena skin tone and just like other Filipinas, I have been frustrated to get whiter and smoother skin. Months ago, as I was looking for effective ways on how to whiten my skin, I came across a forum wherein the other ladies mentioned TOKYO LOVE SOAP.

I read the whole thread and was amazed with all the testimonials of those who have used it. Only shocked to find out that a box of one soap ranges from Php 600- Php 800! Oh my gulay, that is way too expensive for me and my budget! As much as I wanted to order it, at that time my dad is under medications so I had to forget about it.

Weeks after, as I was doing my regular work with Bubblews, I stumbled upon another blog about Tokyo Love Soap. Since I already have the means to get myself a bar of it, I did more research on it and here's what I have found out: 

Tokyo Love Soap actually has 4 variants:
1. Tokyo Love Soap Original

2. Tokyo Love Soa…

Japanese Straight @ Tomi No Haru Frisco

I first had my hair rebonded way back 2008 and since then I've had my hair rebonded at least five times until 2012. Then I came across Japanese Straight. According to the reviews I have read on line, most women who had their locks treated have been satisfied.
It was November 2012 when me and my colleague had our mane done in Tomi No Haru Frisco branch. It took me 9 months before I noticed my roots that needs another treatment! Yep, it's that effective on my hair! So yesterday, I, along with my sister and cousin went back to Frisco to have Japanese Treatment on our hair.
I purchased a Metrodeal voucher worth P 1,588 for Japanese Straight with Permanent Color and Protein Treatment. You just have to text first for your schedule and present your voucher along with the text and a valid ID.
We were there at 1 PM and since there's just Ate Regie at that time, she called for back up and Kuya Dexter arrived at around 2:30 PM. By the way, he was the same guy (yep, he's a HE!) who d…