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Bubblews - Beginner's Guide

Bubblews is one of the highest paid to write website. You get ¢1 for one view, another cent for a like and one more cent for a comment left on your post. Minimum amount for you to cash out is $25  $50 (updated 12/30/2013) as of December 2014 and that is really, possible in less than ten fifteen days! Even less once you get good connections.

When I was just a beginner with Bubblews, it took me 10 days to get to my first cash out and that was when the minimum amount to redeem was just $25. (Now, it would normally take me fifteen days, almost twenty max) Then after three days, I received an email that I have an e-check sent from Bubblews. (An e-check by the way needs to be cleared from the sender's bank account before the funds will be available in your Paypal.) Since joining Bubblews, I have received 15 payments worth $474.60 in total.

Now I'd like to share with the others some basic rules that you have to follow so you could be successful in that site too.

1. Write in English. You need not to be an expert nor write like an academe, so long as others can understand what you've written and you follow the basic rules of the English grammar - you're fine. Even lapses in subject and verb agreement is understandable. For my fellow Pinoys, normal lang yun kase di naman English ang native tongue natin e! Haha. Wag lang yung carabao English, kahit elementary English lang, keri na yun!

2. No copy-paste of articles from other sites. Actually, there's no need to do that because in Bubblews, you can write about anything and everything! Share with them what you had for lunch, what happened on your way to work or school, what movie you've seen lately, what your son broke this time, share with them your favorite show, artist even tell them that you can't think of anything to write! You can also re-write some trending news. Put it in your own words because again - NO COPY - PASTING & NO PLAGIARISM!

One tool that I use for checking if the article I have written have similarity to other contents online: Plagiarism Checker

3. Just make sure that you're articles have at least 400 characters. That excludes the punctuation marks and spaces of course. Four hundred characters is equivalent to 8-14 complete sentences.

Here's one tool that can help you count the characters in your post: Character Counter

4. **Updated 04/15/2014** Pictures that you have grabbed from Google or any free image sharing sites are no longer allowed. Even screenshots of the Bubblews' site (your bank, profile, dislike notification etc.) are prohibited. Most bubblers, including me, only use their own photos in all their posts. Better safe and sure than sorry, right?

5. Connect with other bubblers. Make at least a thousand connections for you to earn more but don't ask others to connect back with you or like your posts back. That's a BIG NO! Just make them feel your presence by leaving a comment in their profile or in their posts and make it personalized.

6. Read the post before you hit the Like button. Or if the post is too long, skimming is the key. Make sure that before you leave your "nice post, thanks for sharing" comment, the post does not talk about the author's dog dying or a friend falling off the stairs. Again - take the time to read or skim.

7. Do unto others what you want others do unto you. It's like an unspoken rule in Bubblews that when someone liked your post, of course, it wouldn't hurt nor make you a cent poorer if you like one of their posts too. When they comment on one of your posts, maybe you can also comment on one of their posts that interests you. Again, leave personalized comments and not the generic copy-paste "great post" or "nice topic" or "thanks for sharing".

8. No IP manipulations, no BOTs no VPNs! Also, speaking of IPs, only two Bubblews members can share one IP address. If your brother or better half would like to join and will share the same IP as yours, let BubblewsSupport1 know by leaving a message on his profile page.

9. Do not participate in exchange like groups. I saw one forum where a member there said that he's in Bubblews and that we should help each other by liking all of the other member's posts. I told him to read the rules and cheating was never good. Bubblews Support Team  will surely find a way to track down your activities and when they notice such trend, your earnings would be forfeited.

10. No pornographic materials. Self-explanatory, right?

11. Posts that only contain pictures or if half of the post are just pictures and the contents of what you've written is less than the 400 character limit, please think again. Add more sentences to meet the requirement.

12. Do not post your referral links from other earning sites in your bubbles or posts. Those are competitions for the site and had you been in their position, you wouldn't want a competitor lurking around your territory right? (^_^)

13. Should you be sharing your posts via LinkedIn, Google+ or Tumblr (using the buttons found at the left part of the page) share only ONCE. Sharing it more than that has been considered spamming by the Bubblews Support Team and doing so may cause an unpaid redemption.

14. One of the most important things to bear in mind in joining Bubblews is that to get your payments, you have to have a verified Paypal account. Yes, it has to be verified. I'll talk about that in another post soon.

15. Last but not the least, Have fun! Yep, you'll have fun in writing Bubblews while learning new stuff and of course, you earn!

Most of the rules I have stated here are not included in the rules found at The Bank page but you'll soon realize that these are indeed true. Just a heads up though, I have been hearing other bubblers saying that they still didn't get their payments sent even after following those rules. I'm not sure if they really did follow those rules but as for me, these tips worked.

Feel free to ask questions and leave them as comments below. Good luck and happy bubbling!


  1. wow astig! this is really helpful, kaka-start ko pa lang po sa bubblews at medjo naguguluhan pa nga ko pano ba maging succesful dun. thank you for this great blog!

    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. Yup, most of the pointers I have here are not in the FAQ in Bubblews but they are the unspoken rules followed by the tenured bubblers. After some time, you'll realize na these are really applicable and helpful. Good luck! ☺

  2. i am also looking for ways to earn online since i am just a stay at home mom of two. your post did help a lot! thanks

    1. I am very much glad to be of help. :)

  3. I'm already on Bubblews. But would it be fine if I transfer my articles from my other blogs to bubblews?

    1. Yes that would be fine, just mention in your post that the article is from your blog and include your blog's link too. The important thing is that you yourslef have written it and not copied it from anywhere or anyone else.
      Good luck on your Bubblews adventure!

  4. i have followed all the rules and even went further by reporting plagiarists. since i joined last jan. i have made 3 redemptions and each one failed. i have spent many hours every day researching before writing my posts, read posts of, and interacted with, my connections, no warning emails, my account is still active and i now have $33++ in my bank. total payment due me is $154++ and nobody from support or assistant could or would tell me why all three payments failed...

    1. @mamzi24 I am sorry that you have not received any of your redemptions but I highy recommend that you send an email to .. on the subject field, put your username and include in your message the amount of your unpaid redemptions and your Bubblews' profile link.

      Only last month, I had a late payment.. I've sent them an email and they have repied within 48 hours. So send them an email, ayt?

      Hope this helps.. update us as soon as you've received a response from Bubblews Support Team. Thanks for dropping by!


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