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Bubblews - Beginner's Guide

Bubblews is one of the highest paid to write website. You get ¢1 for one view, another cent for a like and one more cent for a comment left on your post. Minimum amount for you to cash out is $25  $50 (updated 12/30/2013) as of December 2014 and that is really, possible in less than ten fifteen days! Even less once you get good connections.

When I was just a beginner with Bubblews, it took me 10 days to get to my first cash out and that was when the minimum amount to redeem was just $25. (Now, it would normally take me fifteen days, almost twenty max) Then after three days, I received an email that I have an e-check sent from Bubblews. (An e-check by the way needs to be cleared from the sender's bank account before the funds will be available in your Paypal.) Since joining Bubblews, I have received 15 payments worth $474.60 in total.

Now I'd like to share with the others some basic rules that you have to follow so you could be successful in that site too.

1. Write in English. Y…

How To Earn Money Online

Today, anything and everything can be searched and accessed thru the internet. Public information, news, events, weather, keep in touch with your friends and relatives, even earn money is now being done thru the internet! How? There are several ways to do this.

One, paid to write sites. There are a couple of sites that share the revenues with their writers. My favourite would be Bubblews. Each article that you submit only needs 400 characters, so that is around 8-10 complete sentences only. Of course, your articles should be original. No copy-paste, no plagiarism! I have earned around $200 from them and until now, I am still earning there. It really is a must try!

(Update 01/25/2015) Bubblews has made huge and disappointing updates on their website. All redemptions made prior November 11, 2014 were forfeited! And not only that, you no longer earn with every like, comment or view but you earn depending on the rate for the traffic that the site would get. Those who remained with Bubblew…

Withdraw Paypal Funds To Your BPI Express Teller Account

Hello there my fellow online adventurers! Paypal is indeed the world's most loved way to pay and get paid. Most of the time, you get your payments sent to your Paypal account, right? You can then use it for purchasing online where Paypal is accepted. But sometimes, you would be in need of some cash but don't fret, you can always withdraw your Paypal funds directly to your bank account!

BPI is one bank that has branches (in the Philippines) almost everywhere and yes, you can use it to withdraw your Paypal funds as long as your Paypal is already verified. Take note, you cannot withdraw using your BPI bank account if your Paypal is still unverified.

Here's what you have to do:

1] Add your BPI bank account by simply logging in to Paypal. Once logged in, click "Add/Edit Bank Account". Choose this instead of the card option because withdrawal through bank account is free for Php 7,000 above.

2] Fill in the needed information. Bank of the Philippine Islands is the bank …