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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Burnt Face & HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil (Review)

In my constant search for a new moisturizer that I can use, I came across Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil. This one is very popular and a favorite among ladies. After some research, I decided to try it out. I had high hopes on the product since it claims 23 miracles, so how did it go, you ask?

Price: P149.50 / 50ml bottle
Where to purchase? Human Heart Nature, Zalora

Experience 23 miracles of the sunflower gold.
A breakthrough bestseller and cult classic since its unveiling, Sunflower Beauty Oil’s premium formulation is lush with moisturizing and nourishing vitamins A, D & E, earning its place as a well-known and well-loved top-to-toe beauty solution. How does Sunflower Beauty Oil show its miracle magic?

1. Helps lighten dark under eye circles
2. Helps lighten dark spots & pimple marks
3. Under eye moisturizer
4. Helps prevent & lighten the appearance of stretch marks
5. Helps soften and lighten underarms
6. Softens feet soles, knees & elbows
7. Removes stubborn makeup
8. Overall body moisturizer
9. Helps lighten fine lines around the eyes
10. Helps soften cuticles and dry skin
11. Makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful
12. Helps relax tired, puffy eyes
13. Helps relieve itch & redness caused by insect bites
14. Nourishes & conditions eyelashes
15. Helps lighten dark lips
16. Adds shine to dull hair
17. Helps ease dry & itchy scalp
18. Helps improve skin condition after sunburn
19. Smoothens dry, rough skin from shaving
20. Helps calm skin & ease rashes
21. Helps relieve symptoms of skin infections
22. Helps hydrate dry patches on face
23. Helps lighten lesions and scars 
 100% no harmful chemicals. No PEGs, parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicones or other harmful chemicals.

So there's just pure-grade Sunflower Oil in there. Nice ^-^
And simple instructions too!

I recently suffered from breakouts when three, big, bad acne popped out on my jawline. Now being the ever impatient gal that I am, I applied Katialis on them (that's the Php20 anti-fungal cream you purchase from your suking botika, yes). Unfortunately, I overdid it resulting to some serious burn on my face. I was so dumb, I know but then I just had to accept the fact that this scar won't go away in days' time. I would have to wait it out before I can get a TCA peel on my face (which was the last of my options, really). But HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil helped a lot!

My skin, two weeks after using HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil.

The burnt marks were darker prior to using this oil. It was really gross I did not take a photo of it even if it was for this post. Kadiri talaga. It looked like I had a skin disease! Good thing, the Sunflower Beauty Oil lightened the marks and smoothened it as well.

 I guess I really have to consider minimizing the use of chemical-induced products on my face and start using more organic-based products. Don't you agree?  And apart from healing my scars, here are the other stuff I liked about it:
✔ Made my face softer and smoother
✔ Lightened my dark under eye circles
✔ It made the rough skin on my elbows softer and smoother
✔ Can be used to treat dry and chapped lips
✔ It's an effective hair serum/ polish as well
✔ An excellent makeup remover
✔ It's an oil but it doesn't feel sticky nor greasy

I would have loved to give this a perfect 10 but then its bottle hinders me because it's not spill-proof. I hope Human Heart Nature does something about it. The price may be a bargain at only P149 but still, sayang yung natatapon na oil. So it'll be a 9.50 for me.

Any thoughts on HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil? Can you also recommend other organic skin care product that I can try? Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, 4 December 2015

My 52-Week Money Challenge EOY Report

In less than four weeks, we'll bid 2015 adieu and say hello to 2016. Time indeed flies so fast, it sometimes scare the bejesus out of me! (O_O) And with that, I'd like to share what happened to our 52-Week Money Challenge. This has been viral earlier this year hence hubby and I joined the bandwagon too! Here goes my End of Year (EOY) report.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

My Mini Zalora Haul

You know what happens when you leisurely window-shopped online and then you receive your payment thru Paypal? Yes, disaster. A budget disaster indeed. Good thing though, I only spent less then a thousand bucks this time around since I am "saving" for some serious Christmas shopping in a week's time or else... (^-^)

So here's what I got from Zalora thru Shopback. Yes, you should use and abuse (if possible) the cash back that you can get from shopping online.

Friday, 27 November 2015

November Empties

I can hardly believe that November's halfway done! How was your month so far? Well, this post's quite late but I still want to share with you the products that I've used and abused this past month. Oh, this is is my first empties post, by the way so pardon the mess. ^-^

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Nutri10 Plus Multivitamins for My Little Carl

My little Carl, who's turning five in six weeks has always been the hurricane of my life. He is always full of energy and never seems to run out of things to do to keep him entertained. And even if I make sure that he eats delicious, healthy and nutritious food, I know that these are not always enough. Thus, I have him drink multivitamins and a separate Vitamin C syrup. Quite not practical right? But I wouldn't settle for anything less when it comes to my kiddo. I know you do too.

Just last week, Wert Philippines was  generous enough to send me several bottles of  Nutri10 Multivitamins syrup. The delivery was very timely because I was already on my way to do my groceries (and get a replenishment of Carl's vitamins too!)